The Secret Place

Where a relationship takes root & faith blossoms. 

There is a place where God longs to be with you. Somewhere only you and Him know about. A place where you are all that you are with Him (no filter), where you share your dreams, desires, worries and fears. There you seek Him. 


In this Secret Place a relationship takes root, intimacy grows, and faith blossoms. It's place where its just you & the Most High. 

God is not confide to the walls of a church, temple or religion. He desires to meet you where you are and to develop a relationship with you little by little, in this secret place.


Video Series 

I sit down with friends and we talk about relationships, life, success and struggles, and how all of it draws us to reflect in the most intimate part of us, our spiritual being and God.

Coming soon...

It's not about religion. It's about a


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Xo Pris

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