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With you, ALWAYS

“I’m trying”, you keep repeating to yourself over and over again. Again you find yourself in a situation and you ask God to help you. But how many times have we felt God extend the time and make this problem go on longer than we hoped for. We think with a prayer or two, God will move but sometimes He doesn’t.

We slowly get frustrated. We question. We argue internally, Why? We begin to think that God is far away, He must not care. I’m hurt. I’m stressed. The load keeps getting heavier and He doesn’t seem to do anything, no matter how much I ask. We slowly start to believe the lie that “He’s just not who I thought He was”.

But even in the silence, He is there. If there is a promise I have held deep in my heart, and is my sweetest reminder, is that He is with me ALWAYS. That means everywhere I go. Where I may find myself, there He is too. He didn’t say I am with you only in the good, or when life is peaceful; no He said “I am with you ALWAYS”. We take God’s silence, as a sign of Him being far away; yet sometimes He’s just silently waiting for us to move closer.

There is purpose in the situation you are facing. There’s something you need to learn and grow from. Stop trying to INSTA remove yourself from the problem. Stop asking God to take it away. Rather begin to ask and see why you’re facing what you are. What is this season trying to teach you?

Facing financial struggles? Maybe God is trying to show you to not spend more than you need, and be a better steward of your finances. Facing a relationship struggle? Maybe God is tell you to stop looking so much towards to the acceptance of man then you look for His acceptance. Maybe your job is overwhelmingly stressful right now, and He is just developing your character to face challenges that you need to overcome, to get to the next step in your career.

See complaining is easy. Wishing things were different and praying our problems away feels better, then what God ask us to do and that’s face the problem. Grow from it. True growth and maturity happens in the uncomfortable seasons of our lives, but only when we’re courageous to face them. Rather then ask God to take it away, ask Him to show you what the purpose in this season is. Ask Him to help you face the problem rather then run from it. Remember He is there. He hasn’t gone anywhere, He just waiting for you to move. So MOVE!


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