Being trapped is something many people feel. Although they may mask it around a luxurious life, traveling, having fun, in the inside they feel trapped, encaged to something or someone. It can be a job they are putting up with because it’s the only source of good income, and it provides a “good” living but yet they are unhappy everyday when they walk into the office. Maybe it’s an abusive relationship, that torments them but yet the fear of what their kids may say or think, or the uncertainty of being alone and the possibility of finding someone right for you. All of us, can fall victims to being trapped, yet to the outside world everything looks like we were free and happy.

I was there. I was trapped. Like the Israelites in the wilderness, physically free from slavery , yet enslaved mentally and spiritually. They wandered and wandered for 40 years because of their enslaved mentality. Our minds can keep us trapped in a place, a position longer than we were entended to be in. The fear, anxiety, worry, pain and doubt in our mind keeps us trapped. Yet in John 8:36, Jesus tells us that He is the only one that can truly set us free. He is the one that can rid us of pain, worry, fear, and stress. He can give us the courage and confidence to step out the cage, when we seek Him.

I know this to be true in my life. I was enslaved to trying to keep up this certain life and physical look, that in my mind I was full of insecurities, anxiety and depression. My life looked great on the outside, but I was prisoner on the inside. Yet when I decided enough, was enough and I began to seek God, He set me fee. He began to break those chains that were keeping me trapped. Now, when I again face the handcuffs that once enslaved me, I remember who holds the key to my freedom. I don’t have to wonder how to escape, but I can call to Him.

” So if the Son sets you free, you are truly free.” – John 8:36

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