The "Why" of Easter

It's a very special week throughout the world, its called a variation of things: Easter, Holy Week, Passover... During this time, some of us reflect in what Christ did, what He had to endure and celebrate His Resurrection. Yet this year, with all thats going on around the world, I want to reflect on the "why". Why is Christ endure and die to be resurrected? It was because of His Great Love for you and I, and the opportunity to finally come into a relationship with Him.

Therefore I wrote this poem, as my reflection for this week. I hope, as always, it brings light to you.

Your Love

Help me understand.

Lead me on the path of love.

Show me to love.

Truly love, without condition.

To love the way you love, without fault.

Show me how to love myself,

the way you love me.

How to love my neighbor,

even when they hurt me.

You were hurt.



by those who said loved you.

The same who said would face death with you.

Yet nothing stopped You from loving.

You loved so hard, that you took an unfair punishment.

A punishment suited for all but You.

You loved so hard, that you carried a cross.

A cross made for all but You.

Your love drove You to give up Your life.

Yet it was that same Love that had

the power to defeat death and come back for me.

Yes, Your Love sacrificed it all for me.

Your love is like no other.

It is not prideful.

It is not demanding.

It is not forceful.

It's patient.

It's kind.

It protects and never fails.

Allow Your love teach me

to love.

It's Your love that teaches me that

I am always worthy of love.

Your Love has shown me the greatest act of love.

It will always remind me that though others may

abandon and fail me,

Your Love gave it all up,

so I could know You.

 “For this is how God loved the world: He gave his one and only Son, so that everyone who believes in him will not perish but have eternal life."- John 3:16

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