The Little Things

Before the break of dawn, a woman arose before the rest of house was awake. She made her way to the kitchen, brewed a fresh pot of coffee and cleaned up the left-over dishes from the night before. She poured her husband a cup of coffee & then hers. She gently places the cup near her husband without waking him and kissed him good morning.

As she enjoys her coffee, she takes time to pray and thank God for a new day. She loves the stillness of the morning and the aroma from the cup in her hand; it was a picture of the stillness she felt in her spirit and the energy she breathed in from God for the rest of her day. Just as the sun’s light begins to make its way into the room where she was, she hears her house starting to awaken.

The woman makes her way to the kitchen to get breakfast ready for the hungry bellies as she simultaneously prepares their lunches. As everyone sits down and enjoys breakfast, she brings order to her home. Picking up dirty clothes from the floor and placing them in the washer, fixing the beds and opening the windows. She spots that the shirt her husband laid out for the day has wrinkles and decides to iron it for him. Shortly after, she gets herself ready.

Just as everyone finishes their breakfast and are ready to be headed out the door to embrace their day, she hands them their lunches, with a kiss and blessing. Right when her husband is about to head out, he takes a moment to look at her in the eyes and thank her for all the little things she does with grace that helps him succeed in the morning.

This woman might remind us for a moment of our moms as we were growing up. Maybe it reminds you of your wife, an aunt or grandma. It may even just sound much like your morning routine. She did a series of little things in her morning just as she had probably done many mornings before, with the heart to love and take care of her home and those in it. This was her routine. Yet, this morning her husband took notice of these little things she did, that he benefited from and led him to have a successful morning.

We often get so carried away with the major things people do for us: surprise parties, special events, gifts, and trips that we forget to recognize the little things that are done. How often do we see God in the major things He does for us and are oblivious to the little blessings He does day in and day out?

Thank God I was able to pay my rent!

A promotion? Thank you Jesus!

New Car? Thank you God!

I’m healed, Glory to God!

But what series of little things did God do that led you to that bigger blessing?

Did you see Him moving in the little thing, when he gave you uber drives when you thought it would be a slow day? When your boss smiled at you, and thanked you for great job on that project; did you see God moving His hand of favor for that promotion? How about in the strangers in nurses’ uniforms and whitecoats, He brought in your illness to help you with treatments?

See, He moves in little things to bring a bigger blessing. Just like the woman, she moved in the little around her house that seemed part of a routine, all for the wellbeing of her home, God does the same for us.

Everyday God moves in the little things.

Everyday He’s doing something for us.

Everyday He’s leading us.

He does it because He loves and cares for you and I.

I have felt challenged to focus on the little blessings God gives me every day rather than all the major things I need or want Him to do. I notice when I choose to focus on the “little” He does for me, the more I will enjoy the bigger once the series of all the small things come together to form it.

Someone once told me “God leaves little ‘fingerprints’ of where He’s moving”, which are evidence trails of where His hand has been and what He has done for us. I challenge you today, try to find His fingerprints in the little things He’s doing and thank Him because you know they’re evidence leading to a major blessing.