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Living in Love

It always seems like we’re in such turmoil and it always feels like its getting worse, because it surely doesn’t look like it gets better. We go on our social media accounts, turn our TVs and we can’t help but see some sort of breaking news alert. Our hearts sink and think… “WHAT NOW?” Is it another mass shooting? A bombing? A suicide of a known celebrity? The list can go on! But if only it ended there… but it doesn’t. Fuel is added to the fire with opinions in the media, debates, arguments on who is right and who is wrong… Never ending disagreements. Then next thing you know you’re forced to pick a side to point a finger of fault.

Why don’t we all just take a moment to really look at where all this is stemming from… Why are these horrible things happening? What can really be the change this nation needs? this world needs? I know what I’m about to say may make me sound like something Jessica Day would say. Like some helpless dreamer not in tune with reality… but the truth is if only we walked in LOVE as much as we choose to walk with hurt and hate.

All these situations are rooted from the things opposite to love. From hurt, hate, anger, frustration, selfishness… I know saying we need to walk in love is easy and hard to do but thats love, a constant decision to do. Love is not a feeling its a decision. But how can we make this choice everyday? Well as I prepared a lesson for my woman’s group came the inspiration to write this… How do we Live in Love?

  1. Helping your neighbor.

“We should help others do what is right and build them up in the Lord.” Romans 15:2

We need to as a society, stop turning the blind eye to those around us that need help. We’re so caught up in our own world, revolving around our needs, our obligations and goals that we can walk right by people that are really struggling. I remember on a Mothers day afternoon my family was all gathered around and I noticed two of my cousins just step away and head to the garage. Curiously, I went over there to see what was going on. I could have paid no mind like other chose to but I got up and went to see. As I arrived into the garage I see my cousin crying and having a panic attack while my other cousin was trying to calm her down. I stood there with my cousins listening to the call of distress coming from the eyes of my younger cousin and how she felt without control of what was happening. It was honestly heart breaking. After that moment, I felt in my heart the need to be there for her. I started to tell her to come hang out with me. I would sit down and talk to her, and as I did that I discovered all the different hurts that she felt inside and how she was even doubting her own life. But God gave me the opportunity to be her support and remind her, every moment I could, to keep fighting and to know that she was loved, still had purpose everyday she woke up and that it was a decision she had to make everyday to fight the negative thoughts that would try to bring her down. Now overtime I see her and I can’t help but to thank God for the transformation He has done in her life day after day! Now this was just my cousin, but there are thousands, millions of people out there every day that are hurting, struggling, and need help. What have you done today to help someone? Its not always helping in a monetary way, but helping in giving of your time, love and support.

2. Lets not judge! 

“Do not judge others, and you will not be judged. For you will be treated as you treat others. The standard you use in judging is the standard by which you will be judged.” Matthew 7:1-2

Uhh how I have struggled with this! Why is that when people do, act or say things that aren’t in agreement to how we are, we’re so quick to judge them? We point at them? We gossip? Many times we even just close them off and don’t take the time to get to know them because we have already created in our minds a story about them. But has it ever happened that you passed a judgement thought about them and when you finally get to know them you see they are completely different from the crazy story you created in your mind? Lawd knows thats happened to me!!! Several times!!! I definitely have been trying to make it my life mission to not walking judging others, but trying to get to know individuals for who they are. Not only that, but also not keeping those that I knew under my thoughts of the past because I definitely wouldn’t want others to aways think of me by who I was. I have definitely evolved and changed and I am not the same person I was last year and I am pretty sure you aren’t the same person you were just a month or so ago. Get to know someone before you judge them, try to understand them and why they are the way they are. Maybe you can spark change in them or even they can open your mind to a new perspective your were probably closed off to before. You never know unless you open that opportunity.


“…love keeps no record of wrong.” 1 Corinthians 13:4d

If only we were easier to forgive. We carry so much unforgiveness in our lives, society, and even culture. We carry the burdens and hate of generations past, and we haven’t learned to forgive and let go so that the healing process can begin. But when we live with unforgiveness in our hearts, we’re always wanting to have the one that hurt us, feel our pain. Even then we want others who are happy to also feel our pain.  Sometimes, or many times we want them to hurt worse then what we did. Like the saying goes “hurting people, hurt people.” Walking with unforgiveness will be a vicious cycle. Until its not broken there is no opportunity for the healing process to begin and take its course. I feel like there is so many issues in our culture that could be changed if people chose to just forgive the ignorance of others, the mistakes of the past and let go  so the healing process can start. We can never move forward if we have the weight of the past keeping us in the past. And know its a day to day process, its not just poof and its all good. Day by day you have to keep moving towards forgiveness.

So when I gave this lesson to my group, they mentioned a story of how by the kind gesture of love by one person created a domino effect. A man went to Starbucks and without saying anything paid for the person behind him in line. Compelled by the loving gesture the person who received the paid drink then extended the gesture to the person behind them in line. This proceeded up to where 20 people extended the gesture. I urge you to look into yourself today and see what reigns more in your life: love or  hate, carelessness and pain. I want you to know that you can spark the change around you slowly living in love everyday. Its not always easy, but always remember Jesus walked in love with Judas knowing that he would eventually betray him.  He forgave and renewed Paul who persecuted His people and Jesus is our example to follow. So lets try to be the love this world needs.



Thank you for reading this little piece of my journal. I hope you felt encouraged! If you liked this message, please press the like button below. Also share with your friends, don’t keep this message to yourself trust me someone out there needs it!

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