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Letting Go…

Why is it so hard for us to let go of things, people, ideas, even dreams into the hands of God? We say we believe, some of us even say we have faith and trust in Him. Yet we keep holding on to the very thing we know we need to let go into His hands.

What comes to your head when you think of letting go?  I get an image of the “Trust Test”. I don’t know about you but I remember playing this game so much growing  up. If you haven’t played or need a refresher, its when you stand giving your back to someone and you have to let yourself go & fall back into their arms without bending your knees or looking back. Obviously “trusting” they were going to catch you. I know that I was definitely one who with people I knew I could trust I would let go easy but with others I was more hesitant.

I struggled with this just like I know many of you may as well; letting go and trusting God will come through. Many times when we’re asking God to come in and do something for us, and we will see God come take it away or seem to further us away from what we were asking him for and we don’t understand why. Because “Hey God! I think You heard wrong cause you just did the opposite of what I was asking You to do!”. So rather then letting go and TRUSTING that God knows what He is doing we hold on to the very thing He is trying to remove.

So many of you may say (because I know I said it myself) “I want to let go, but I just don’t know how because…(insert all our different reasonings)” and the reality of the scenario is that its just like that Trust Test, you just need to fall back and know God is going to catch you and better yet He’s going to stand you back up.

“But forget all that–it is nothing compared to what I am going to do.” 

Isaiah 43:18 

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