It's Not What I Thought: My Wedding Story

If I told you my wedding was everything I had envisioned and dreamt it would have been, I would be lying to you. It was not what I thought. 

It’s was a beautiful South Florida day, November 29, 2019, and we got ready to go check out some wedding venues. Our goal, to find a place with a rustic, yet formal feel and lots of greenery. My vision was to get married under a tree and only a few locations in the area fit the look we wanted at the price range we needed.

One of the venues was a small intimate location with lots of history, it was nice but something about it didn’t sell me. Maybe it was its close location to a busy street or the “rustic” smell in the reception hall. But it wasn’t it. Max and I wanted to truly love the place where we would say our “I dos”.

We had so many brochures and information we were overwhelmed and hangry by 1 PM. Yet the search kept going.

We arrive at a venue where just the year before our friends hosted their wedding reception there, and recommended we check it out. It was beautiful! An intimate little yard for the ceremony covered in greenery, a formal reception room with rustic touches, plus it had a dance floor that lit up magically. I simply fell in love, it was perfect.

The day we said "Yes" to our venue.

A week later we sat down with the manager crunched some numbers and made it work. A date was set, August 15th 2020. On that day Max and I would be saying “I do” in this very location. A couple of months later we had secured everything that was remaining flowers, photographer, and DJ. By February we were coasting. Little did we know what was waiting for us this 2020.

Well that’s the story of many of our lives today, isn’t it? We started this year with plans and goals we wanted to accomplish and COVID just threw it all out the window. I remember at of the start of it, I thought it would last a 2 weeks maybe a month but we would be back to normal in no time; But here we are 8 months in and embracing this “new normal”.

It was definitely not what I thought.

Our friends and family would ask us how we were doing with the wedding, if we were moving forward or if we were going to postpone. We worked to stay in contact with our vendors to make sure they were okay and if they had any contingency plans in the case of not being able to have the wedding. Yet, through it all we remained hopeful that things would be just fine.

We did begin to do our due diligence in the process, cutting down our guest list from 180 to 50 people in order to insure social distancing & comfort for everyone. As well as seeing how we would possibly live stream the wedding to all who weren’t going to be able to join us.

Yet, June came around and cases sky rocketed here in Florida. Thousands upon thousands of cases everyday. Slowing down any chance of reopening the state especially to Phase 3, which allowed event halls to open. I remember talking to Max and he would tell me lets wait until July to make the decision of postponing the wedding or finding something else to do.

Through all of this though, I had a inner peace that everything would be okay and my wedding day would be perfect. I trusted that God would not let me down.

While all of our planning was going on, God placed something else on our lap, a home. Although we had spoken about eventually taking over his family home it was always something in the long distance. Yet God was giving it to us now. Thinking back on it now, I honestly don’t know how I would have done it without my faith. It was a LOT because Max would have to move out of his apartment by August 1st and our wedding would be 14 days later.

Honestly, God will stretch you.

They like to say God doesn’t give you things you can’t handle, I would have to disagree He does give you things you can’t handle… on your own, but you will be able to handle with Him in the midst. And thank God, He was in the midst!

See what God was doing was not just giving us a home, but the PEREFCT location where we would become husband and wife. Seeing as things were not changing with the venue’s chances of opening, we chose to move our wedding to our new backyard.

We altered everything again. The guest list down to 35, the decorations, the times, the food, and the vibe. All while planning a move.

Through this whole process I could have thought things were just coming against us, everything is standing in the way of marrying the man of my dreams but I chose to trust what it says in Romans 8:28...

“And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them.”

See Max and I had a plan. A vision for what we wanted our wedding day to be but God had something different, something better.

As the week of our wedding approached, and we began with the finishing touches, I was in awe. It was above everything I could have imagined. I was surrounded by greenery, maybe not a formal location but it would become our home.

We got married August 15th under a tree, but not just any tree, a special tree Max’s late father had planted 20 years ago. We were surrounded with the love of many, both in person and virtually but the best part in spite of it all, I still got to say “I do” to my forever.

You probably started the year with plans for your life and COVID has switched them up on you, but what if I told you that none of it was a surprise for God and He still has a plan at work in your life? What if I told you that this all just gives you the opportunity to see God show up in a bigger way, than what you thought? Today you can choose to remain defeated by crushed plans or you can chose to believe what it states in Ephesian 3:20...

“ Now all glory to God, who is able, through his mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think.”

He is ready to do way more than what you originally thought.