It's been a while!!!

I've been extremely MIA on my blog, but so much has happened this year. Theres tons I want and feel like I need to share with you all, and so I have decided it's time to start writing again. After a bit of a hiatus, I'm back.

I can't believe we're nearing 8 months into 2021, and I'm just in shock to look back and see just how many surprises were awaiting me this year. Honestly, if you would have told me on Dec 31st, I would be where I am, my mouth probably would have dropped and laughed nervously trying to brush it off.

During the last week of 2020, after having dealt with one of the craziest years in human history, getting married in a pandemic, and unfortunately contracting COVID19, I was ready to start a new year. I wanted to just brush off the craziness and have a clean new slate. I am sure many of you guys were feeling just like me.

So, I was talking with my hubby I told him we should select a word that would describe what we wanted to achieve for 2021. This is an exercise I adopted a couple years before which helps me steer my goals and focus for the new year. We spent all week thinking through words and finally came up with our words. Max chose his and I chose mine, FLOURISH.

So along with my word, I decided to add a bible verse with it.

"But SHE delights in the Word of the LORD, meditating on it day and night.

SHE is like a tree planted along the riverbank,

bearing fruit each season.

HER leaves never wither, and SHE prospers in all SHE does. " - Psalms 1:2-3

I chose this word because during quarantine I read a book called the Fight to Flourish by Jennie Lusko, and it just spoke to every part of me. But I loved how she explained what it meant to flourish.

"When God calls us to flourish, it doesn't mean to become somrething brand new. It means to revive, to bring back to life what and who we were meant to be. We weren't created to become something totally different but to become what we were originally designed for."

I didn't know what exactly I wanted flourishing to look like for 2021, but I just knew I wanted it. I wanted my marriage to blossom. I desired for my business and career to revive; my family to be brought back to life. I wanted to see life flourish around me.

And can I just say, man oh man has God cause life to flourish this year!

Shortly, after ringing in the new year and having my word, God started moving.

Two weeks into the year to our very big surprise, Max and I found out that something indeed was blossoming in our home, in my womb to be exact. We received the news we were expecting our first baby.

We were beyond ourselves to know this was happening. A dream planted in both of our hearts finally sprouting. But it wasn't the only thing God was causing to flourish.

After years of struggling with my business I have finally began to see God cause the seeds that were sowed with sweat, and tears to produce fruit and revive ideas and visions for the future.

He didn't stop there.

He's also made me flourish in my capabilities. From running my family's business, to learning new skills like designing websites, learning how to create a podcast and edit, to starting real estate school and now being able to call myself a realtor. I am in utter shock. I see now how God has been bring out in me the talents and gifts He placed in me long ago.

Yet, like I said I wanted flourishing to happen all around me, and so I have even seen how God has allowed my husband to flourish at work and bless him with a very surprising promotion after two years in the company. My dear and beloved cousin, who thought a baby would never be something in the books for her, have her own lil bundle flourishing within her too.

Seeing my family, as a collective, who endured so much emotional hardship and struggle through out 2020, in these last months God has begun to mend, heal and bring back to life what the enemy was trying to suffocate and take away.


Now, this year hasn't been easy, and it's come with its share of challenges, but I have chosen to hold on to that bible verse in Psalms 1. David paints the picture that in order to be like a tree planted by the riverbank that produces fruit and never wither I had to choose to look to God, to be connected with Him and not let go regardless of how I felt. Because with all of these awesome things flourishing insecurities and doubt still try to make their way in. Yet, I have to keep choosing to believe in His promises and truth because I know and have seen that with Him on my side, and with my roots dug deep in Him there is no storm that can knock me down, and nothing to keep what He is causing to flourish from happening.