Faith & Fitness: Where Is Your Mind?

“Where is your mind in the face of challenge can be what helps you overcome or be overcome.”

I whisper myself countless of times “mind over matter” while I am working out. Especially when I am pushing myself out of my comfort zone in weight, endurance, resistance. It helps me face the challenge headstrong, knowing if my mind isn’t defeated then I can accomplish the challenge. It helps me a lot to surpass the doubt of me being able to push through the last mile and channel the strength and endurance I need to finish strong. This same technic needs to be applied in every aspect of my life in general. We are going to face all kinds of challenges through the course of our journey, but it really is important to know where you channel your mind at that very moment.

The story of David and Goliath (1 Samuel 17) has become an infamous story, inspiring movies and other books. David was young Shepard boy, and the youngest of all his brothers. One day while the Israelites were at war against the Philistines, David goes to take some snacks to his brothers who were part of the army. When he gets there he hears about this guy named Goliath challenging the Israelites and toughing them. He then notices how scared the Israelites were of this guy named the Champion of the Philistines. This guy was like the big bully in the playground and the Israelites were the smaller kids hiding.  But David though. David wasn’t feeling what the others were, he got upset and defensive. He wanted to face this challenge his people where facing and he did defeating Goliath.

This is an awesome victory story, but I want to dissect what made David the champion in this story over the others who could have faced Goliath as well. I want to dissect his mind. What was David thinking that helped him overcome the challenge he was facing and was key to his victory.

  1. David didn’t think about what he COULD do but what GOD could do.

  2. He didn’t depend on his strength and technique but on the strength God had given him before.

  3. He reminded himself of all the other victories he received because of God and not because of himself.

  4. He filled himself and confessed out loud that God would be the one who gave the victory not him.

In no moment did David look at his challenge and place his thoughts on what David the Shepard boy could do, but he placed his thoughts in all that God had done and could do. He didn’t look at his challenge and believe it was too big, because he had faced other challenges that could have looked just as big and yet they weren’t as big as his God. So he fixed his mind on God, and thats what we need to do with the Goliaths that we face in our lives because they aren’t the first ones we face. We need to remind ourselves and our Goliaths what God has done for us before, and what He can do, and what we can now do through Him. Don’t look at your challenge in fear, inadequacy and doubt, look at your challenge like a champion like the one who has already overcome many other things because you walk with God. So finish that last mile, because God has already helped surpass the other 2 miles before and he will give you the ability to finish strong.

Workout: Controlled Leg Day

W.U. Treadmill- 15 mins

3 sets of each

  1. 20 Body squats + 20 walking lunges e leg

  2. 15 leg extensions + 15 calf raises

  3. 15 barbell squats

  4. 15 dumbbell deadlifts

  5. 15 Bulgarian lunges

  6. 15 cable kick backs each leg

Deep Stretch

Love & Blessings,


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