Faith & Fitness Journey: Self Control

Have you ever been put in a predicament where you are tempted really bad to do or say something but you internally fight yourself and restrain yourself from doing it because its not right. Well that internal fight and restrain is you practicing self control. The very concept of “self-control” implies a battle between a divided self. “Self” is what produces the desires and urges that you should not satisfy but instead “control”.

Discipline and self control go hand in hand. When you are developing a discipline your are training yourself to great a habit to not reach in for the bacon when you’re tempted. Well that effort you have to place in the moment of temptation is self control. I struggle with it, especially when I’m not being intentional. Growing up I had a bad attitude, I would snap, talk back to anyone who would get me upset. Many times for the lack of controlling my tongue I found myself in a big moments of trouble with my parents, teachers and peers. My lack of controlling my words made things worse.

For years I would excuse my attitude and talking back as it being who I am. Always have been and always will be. I am sure you’ve said it about your self too “I have always been this way, I can’t keep a healthy diet and regimen and I will always be this way.” Sorry to break the news but what you and I may say is absolutely not true. The reason why you may feel that way, or at least why I did is because I never tried to develop my self control.

Develop? Not obtain? Yes Develop! Because truth is, when you receive Christ in your heart. You get some gifts and one of them being self control. You have it in your being as a Christ follower. Its in your spiritual DNA. You just have to develop it.

“But the Holy Spirit produces this kind of fruit in our lives: love, joy, peace, patience… and self control.” Galatians 5:22

Just like the human body naturally has muscles, but it require you to work and develop them in order to make them strong. Same goes to developing your self control.

How to Develop It?

  1. Look at the big picture: what you are desiring, is it really worth it?

  2. Think Ahead: if you do it, what would happen? Is the outcome going to push you forward or bring you 3 steps back?

  3. Avoid: avoid places, circumstances that may lead you to lose self control. Ex. if you’re on a diet and can’t have sweets dont go to yogurt-land where you’re going to be tempted to eat.

” A person without self control is like a city with broken down walls.” Proverbs 25:28

Walls around cities in ancient times were used as a means of protecting and guarding the city and its people from enemy attacks and invasions that could potentially bring it to ruin. When we don’t try to develop self control in our lives whether it be our health, fitness, personality or walk with God, we are like a city with faulty walls. Any enemy, and situation can easily enter and bring destruction to our lives. It can be a health problem that creeps in, a diagnosis, loss of a job, a spouse or friendship, all those things can bring ruin to our lives and of those around you. I know that I don’t want my life in ruin and I want to take care of what I have. So I challenge you and myself to fortify those walls by practicing the self control we need to develop the discipline that will help keep our commitment.

Blessings and love,


Day 4 Work Out:

Find the exercise that makes you feel good and do it for 30-40 mins today.

  1. 15 min warm up treadmill

3 set of each:

  1. 15 box jumps

  2. 15 skull crushes

  3. 15 jumping jakes

  4. 30 sec mountian climbers

  5. 15 burpees

  6. 15 dumb bell plank rows e

  7. 30 sec crab walks

  8. 15 sit ups

  9. 15 sleds on the box

  10. 15 tricep dips

  11. 15 lateral to front raises

  12. 15 Leg raises

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