Faith & Fitness Journey: Commitment

Day 1: Commitment

Noun: the state or quality of being dedicated to a cause, activity, etc.

Synonyms: Dedication; devotion; faithfulness

Cambridge Dictionary: a willingness to give your time and energy to something that you believe in, or a promise or firm decision to do something.

Both Faith and Fitness require you to have a commitment, a dedication and devotion in order to reap the results that you wish to have. When you are starting a fitness journey, your idea is that you want to see changes in your physical body. Whether its loosing weight, gaining muscle, feeling energy, being healthier; you are seeking to feel and see a change from your current physical state. But those results won’t come if you don’t make a commitment to wake up every morning to go for a walk/run or the gym, to make a series of healthy selections through out the course of the day like choosing the veggies and brown rice over the fries and big mac. You have to stand firm and actually make a choice everyday to be dedicated to live a healthier more fit life, even when you’re fighting the temptation to stay in bed and just relax. Even when you didn’t have the time to make your meals for the day and want to just get the quickest and cheapest option for lunch. You need to push through for your ultimate goal of reaching the physical state you want to reach.

Its the same in your faith walk. Sitting in church for several years of my life I have heard the prayer of salvation repeated countless amounts of times. In the prayer many pastors have added the phrase “I commit my life to you”, meaning “i devote/dedicate my life to you”. When you’re doing that prayer you are declaring out loud that you believe in God and His Son and what He did on that cross. And you welcome Him into your life. Well, right there you kinda just made a commitment to let God into your life. But our God is a gentleman and won’t just barge in and take over every aspect of your life if your heart is not completely open for radical transformation. I know I wasn’t. Although I grew up in the church and have known of Jesus all my life there was a season where he was just my silent guest. I pushed Him away to the corner and didn’t really invite Him into any aspect of my life unless it was an EMERGENCY! Then i would go ahead and call the 911Jesus Hotline.

But guess what my life wasn’t really transforming, although I grew up and my life seemed to change and good things would happen I would find myself going around the same mountains over and over again. With broken relationships, anger issues, depression, insecurity, drug use, just lost in life. Just like when you work out once a month and still hope to see the results of a six pack. Sorry to break the news but it won’t happen.

One day in early 2017 i did one of my emergency calls to God where I felt lost, depressed, alone in the pits of the darkest hole I have ever experienced, I heard God tell me “Come to me”. Mind you I was someone who grew up in the church, but had not been really committed to seek Him since I was 13 and here I was at 25, and God was telling me to go to Him. So not knowing what that was like I just started “reading” the bible and making a “commitment” to be at church every Sunday, to get involved in a small group at Church that could possibly help me “go to him”.

So as I began to this commitment God placed in my path the story of Jesus walking on water. Peter, like many of us during prayer ask God to show us it Him, to prove us something… well Peter when he saw Jesus out walking on water he said:

““Lord, if it’s you,” Peter replied, “tell me to come to you on the water.” “Come,” he said. Then Peter got down out of the boat, walked on the water and came toward Jesus.”

Matthew 14:28-29

Jesus told Peter to come, but it required Peter to step out of the boat, and walk on water toward Jesus. Thats a HUGE commitment there in faith. To step out of the safety of a boat to “walk” on water. Have you ever tried to walk on water? It’s impossible but in that moment it was possible because Jesus made it possible to Peter. To prove to him that He was who He said He was.

In our faith we need a commitment, to seek who He is, to make Him a part of our day to day even when the craziness of life that makes it hard to have a quite time with God. Because its in that commitment true transformation begins to happen. I sought faith and made a commitment to walk in faith because I wanted to change this in my mind, my heart and soul that were haunting me.

So like fitness, if day by day you are not being intentional in seeking the better choices, disciplining yourself in what you put in your mind, body and spirit, you won’t see the change and transformation you want or envision. You won’t have the six pack if your downing a Cinnabon and only working out once a week. Like you won’t have the peace you seek when you’re in a stressed out situation at work and only pray Sundays at church. It is a day to day commitment you need to make with yourself and God, for yourself in order to see the fruit of your hard work.

My Work Out – Day 1 

15 minute Warm Up on Treadmill

3 Rounds of Each:

Set 1:

  1. 15 kettle bells swings

  2. 15 shoulder press with Dumbbells 

  3. 15 body squats

  4. 15 sit ups

Set 2:

  1. 15 Dumbbell lateral raises

  2. 15 push ups

  3. 15 jumping lunges

  4. 20 leg raises

Set 3:

  1. 15 pull ups on trx

  2. 15 trx tricep

  3. 15 box jumps

  4. 20 knee tucks

10 minute yoga stretches

Challenge for you: just get up and do something active for 30 minutes. Go for a walk with your kids or dogs. Turn up your favorite music and Dance like no one is watching. Ride your bike. But do something active!

Love and Blessings,


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