Enough Is Enough

I am disgusted by all evil & injustice done in this world. Wether it be done by a person in uniform, a government, a group or any individual. I'm hurt when it's done towards any gender, age, or race. We have allowed for so long hate, resentment, pride and prejudice to cultivate in our hearts and society. Our world has grown and continues to grow colder towards each other. The commandment, to love our neighbor as ourselves is obsolete. The Golden Rule... is a cute caption but never a consistent application.

We have become so consumed with a mirror mentality, that we have forgotten to look at the pain & suffrage in our neighbor. Our selfishness has blinded us to believe our actions and thoughts only affect us; and the only true perspective is ours. When in fact, everything we do, say and think affects a world around us and our perceptions are not the only valid ones.

We long for things to be given in life, yet we forget we need to sow before we reap.

Compassion is desired but barely given. Understanding is demanded yet never practiced. Righteousness is chanted, yet hardly lived. Respect is demanded, and barely reciprocated. This world has become a “either you stand with me or you’re against me”, it’s never “lets stand together”.

Yes, our world needs change. Yes, our societies, governments and cultures need change; yet it needs to be applied in each and everyone of us first. Be sure, you are doing your part to create change. Its easy to voice about how change needs to happen, and wait for others to apply it but the real effort is when we choose to put in the work in ourselves everyday.

I was hesitant to post this but what good does a light do hidden under a table? A light was meant to illuminate a room.

I stand with all those who fight against evil. I stand with all those with a genuine heart to serve and create a better world. I extend my hand to the fallen and help them rise again. I soften my heart to forgive even the worst of crimes too, because that person is no worse than I in the eyes of God, and has a chance for redemption just like me. I remind myself they are lost and consumed by an evil world, but I can be barrier continuing to hide the light in silence or illuminate in speaking the truth I know of love, forgiveness & grace.

"Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others." - Philippians 4:2