Endure > "I Quit!"

Keep going. You can do it. Don't give up now. Push further! Endure!

Endurance, something we have an opportunity to ignite in us when faced against an obstacle. When I hear the word, I am often reminded of working out. I love to workout and one of my favorite types of workouts is endurance training. Those that push you past your limits.These workouts usually start smooth, and begin to escalate to a level intensity that once you reach you have to try to sustain for a length of time. Usually your hearts running at miles per minute, you want to probably throw up (if your not use to it) and right in the climax of the workout you usually want to say "I'm done, I can't go anymore" but thats when you have to keep going! Enduring until the end.

Much like an endurance training, we can often find ourselves feeling like we're pushing through a season, a situation and though we started off nice and strong, yet now keeping up is getting hard, and we feel like quitting. "That's it I can't do this anymore, I keep pushing but its nothing seems to be changing. I keep pushing but the end seem so far and I just can't bare this anymore. I quit!"

Quitting always looks like the better and easier option than continuing to endure. Yet James says "God blesses those who patiently endure testing and temptation. Afterward they will receive the crown of life that God has promised to those who love him" (James 1:12). Theres a reward after enduring. After pushing past your limits, past the doubts of wether or not you can make it. Much like the rewarding feeling you feel after you finish the workout and are proud you didn't quit, and now you begin to slowly see how enduring those workouts has you in a better shape, health and strength then you were before. The trials of life, where you have to endure, have rewards at the end as well especially when you are not depending on your strength and ability but in the all of who God is and said.

Unlike during a workout, where we are enduring based on our own strength and physical ability, in the trials of life we can depend and lean on the power and strength of God. When we do that, when we remind ourselves & place our dependence in all of who He is, and what He has said; His power begins to work on our behalf. We're not enduring alone, but alongside Him. As a result, we develop a stronger faith and hope, and are rewarded with the crown of life He has promised us.

Therefore, ENDURE friend. Where ever you are right now. What ever you are facing. ENDURE! Don't give up! Keep pushing. Keep trusting. Keep Believing that His power is at work on your behalf, and you will receive a reward after, greater than you can even imagine. It's not meant to destroy you, its meant to raise you to another level.

Keep going.

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