Embracing Today’s Position

Where you and I are today in life is not a mistake but purposed. God has positioned us here to build us up, not tear us down; to prepare us, not sabotage us.

I tend to get so eager for the next placement, and promotion that I begin to loose sight of the purpose for today. I know that happens to many of us, because of the eagerness for tomorrow we let go of today. We don’t like our placement anymore, we’ve grown bored, frustrated and even overwhelmed by it; when we should be embracing it and doing well in it.

Right now, I am in a season of my life where I have been placed in a position where I have to oversee our family business and every detail involved. This position was something a few years ago, I was wishing and praying for. Yet, it hasn’t been easy and has come with its day to day challenges that can be overwhelming.

Yet, I catch myself easily day dreaming and living the Lalaland about the next big break, like my blog becoming something, writing a book, which in turn causes me to start dreading my reality.

So rather then looking at today as a preparation for tomorrow, it feels like a prolong dread. Many of us start excited with being, for example, a sales associate at our job and after a while we want something more; to be a manager, a boss, an owner, and when that more doesn’t seem to come we begin to dread the position we’re in.

There’s someone who we should look as an example of the right attitude we should have when we’re waiting for our promotion. David was 13 years old, when the Prophet Samuel found him and anointed him to be King, but David didn’t become King right away. No, 13 year old David went back to tending his father’s sheep.

Everyday David lived his today. I am sure, just like us, thoughts would come to him about being King and how that would be like, while he was pasturing the fields and sheep; yet he remained grounded and responsible in his current placement. He went from tending sheep, to servicing King Saul, becoming a solider in the King’s army, all while knowing what he was destined to be.

Later on when David was older, King Saul chased him down and wanted to kill him. Even then being chased down, threaten, he embraced his placement. God had anointed him and told him who he would become but David also knew it wasn’t time. That must have not be easy at all! Running away, being betrayed, living in hiding, when he had the “right” to say he was to be king. David put his pride to the side and waited for God to promote him at the RIGHT time.

Where are you right now? Are you in a position at work that is lower then you wished and you’re waiting for that promotion? Are you single, and dreading it waiting for someone to date and marry? Are you and your spouse praying for a baby and nothing seems to happen?

Its okay to want this, and to dream but don’t let it lose your focus on today because where you are right now, what you are living is actually preparing you to get to that dream. Shift your perspective to see today, not as a standstill but to catapult you to tomorrow, what are you suppose to be learning today?




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