We all have a set of dreams in our hearts for our lives since we were little. Dreams of who we would be, what we would accomplish, the places we would go and the things we would see. These dreams motivate us to work in making them come true. We pray for them, we plan them out, we even imagine what they would look like. We carry these dreams everyday.

But sometimes life hits, and it hits hard; and suddenly those plans for our dreams are interrupted.

Ever since I was little, I dreamed of my wedding day. What it would look like, how it would be. Thoughts of a terrace wedding in a lit up city night; which later then turned into a romantic rustic night filled with greenery. I carried this dream in my heart praying it would happen one day.

Now, 30 days from today it will be my wedding day but I can’t see clearly what it will look like. I know it’s probably not what we had planned it to be. It will probably look very different. I would be lying saying that not knowing doesn’t give me an ounce of stress. I would be lying if I said “I”m not upset or disappointed”. I feel all these things.

I know, God is in control and He has a master plan for this day. I truly do. I know that His ways are not our ways, yet that doesn’t mean it will be easy to accept. I’m working on it everyday reminding myself of His promises and to be honest I most likely be working on accepting the change all the way until August 15th.

See this is a post for anyone else right now who was planning for a dream; be it a job, trip, home, party, business and it’s been interrupted. So now you’re scared, you’re stressed, you’re even upset. I get it and it’s okay to feel these things. But know, that just like God has a master plan for my dream, He has one for yours.

I know it’s not easy to accept and it hurts when you see others living out their dream “without” problems. But that dream was placed in your heart with a purpose, and still has the chance to flourish in the hands of the right Person (Jesus). Wild thought: maybe our plans were interrupted so they could become EXACTLY what it needed to be.

The one thought that gives me peace in the midst of the chaos, is that God knows the dream, He saw the interruption way before we did and already knows EXACTLY how it will all turn out. Nothing is a surprise or a blur to Him. It’s a blur for us, but there is where we have a chance to allow our faith to lead.

I sometimes imagine God looking at me stress about this, and I’m probably reminding Him of a chicken without a head just running around without a sense of direction. He probably even chuckles, like someone who knows something I don’t and can’t wait to see the surprised look on my face. But I am glad that He then places His hands on me and whispers sweet reminders of His promises to bring me back to peace.

My friend, if your dreams have been interrupted you are not alone. Just don’t let the dream die, let it flourish in the right hands this time. It’s a scary feeling to step into the unknown where it seems like a blur and you can’t see the next step but know He’s right there beside you and He can guide you to the dream EXACTLY like it was intended by Him to be.

It may look different, but it will be EVERYTHING it was meant to be.