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Desperate Much?

"I am worn out from my groaning.

All night long I flood my bed with weeping and drench my couch with tears. 7 My eyes grow weak with sorrow; they fail because of all my foes...

9 The Lord has heard my cry for mercy; the Lord accepts my prayer." Pslam 6: 6-7 and 9

Have you ever laid down and cried your life away? Maybe it was a huge fight with your parents, a friend cheated you, you just lost everything you had. Maybe you find yourself like that right now. I don't know about you but I found myself there so many times through out life and well this is exactly how we find David in Psalm 6. He is distraught, in agony; it's so bad he feels as if he were dying. All along, he's begging God to have mercy on him.

Part of me while I read this chapter, was like come on David get it together homeboy. It's been 6 chapters of you just complaining and begging. Dust yourself off. Why are we like that though? Its okay to cry but when you're six chapters into it you have one of your friends coming to try and slap some "sense" to you, because we can't be desperate, nonetheless, show it. We can't let the world know we're weak, that we're insecure, because of course we have to show the world we don't need that friend, that job, that boyfriend that left you. "I don't need anyone!", we often say. 👈 Thats a lie.

David was a man described by God, as "a man after His own heart". He was after living for God's heart, in a way he was thirsty for his Lord's love. You might be reading this and saying "I think am good," but no, we need to be like David desperate for God. Desperate to see him move in our lives, because when He moves, He moves in BIG ways. Why put up a front with God, as if he doesn't know? We give him superficial prayers, "please God help me, I know You can do it. amen." When you and God know deep down you're in agony.

We so easily get desperate with other people who can't do much for us, then God who can and would do anything for us. You're up here loosing sleep just to talk to the person you like, because they can only call you after 11pm. You're increasing your debt, because you're so desperate to satisfy the gazes of others that you're spending money on all these clothes, and treatments to "look good".

See David knew that God already knew, and so he didn't need to pretend. He laid himself vulnerable and weak to God. And what did God do every time? Raise him up! God is not going to turn the cheek at your cries. He's not going to judge you in your vulnerability. He's not going to laugh because you feel weak. NO! He raises up those who have the capability to humble themselves, like David, because it is there where he manifests His strength and power.

So moral of this post is, don't think you have to come to God every time well put together, like you're not hurting and agonizing inside. You can and should come to Him desperate on your knees, vulnerable,  crying if you feel like it, pleading to Him to move in your situation, in your life. He wants to be your comfort, He wants to be your strength and rescue.

"Desperation will open doors, complacency will keep shut. Desperation is where breakthrough walks through." Robert Madu


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