Am I Giving My Best

“Imagine if we lived like that God. Every single thing we did from the time the alarm went off to the time our heads hit the pillow at night, we gave 100% of everything we were to be, all we were created to be.” – Troy Gramling

I read this and question myself, am I giving God my best? Unfortunately, honest evaluation, I don’t think I am. Doesn’t mean He loves me any less, or I am of less worth but it does mean that I can’t be used by Him to the fullness of the potential He has given me. I need to be more aware, more intentional in my day to day honoring God with my time, resources, gifts and talents.

  1. When I press the snooze button in the morning, am I giving my best? No!

  2. When I let social media or my phone distract me for hours in the morning or at work, am I giving my best? No!

  3. When I skip prayer or quiet time in the morning because I am running late, am I giving my best? No!

  4. When I chose to eat crappy rather than making healthy food choices, am I giving my best? No!

Like a kid in school, slacking on classwork, not putting an effort and yet expects a teacher to give him an A. Or an employee arriving late everyday, slacking at work, being distracted with other things, and expecting a raise and promotion. You can’t expect the best when you aren’t doing the best.

Personally, I want to give God my best. I want to be used by Him to do good works, to live out my purpose to the fullness, to receive all the amazing blessings He has for me. But how can I expect God to give me the best, when I am not doing the best?

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