Addition by Subtraction

Sometimes God’s provision is disguised in a setback. What are you talking about Pris? One is a plus and the other a minus. How can it be? This week I was getting ready, and I was meditating on all the craziness going on in the world; CODVID 19, drops in the stock markets, forced quarantines of cities and full nations. Things are pretty intense right now. I was thinking about all of this and thought back about everything I am facing personally, and I had an “A.H.A (A Holy Answer)” moment. Love those.

Back in December, my business had to let go of the office we worked from due to having to scale back financially. So we started working remotely from home and let me tell you, I struggled with it. It felt like a total setback in my career. Part of me was ashamed that I had to give that up, and start from what I saw like ground zero. Yet, God is so intentional in everything He does. Please know that. Nothing He does is a “mistake”, “coincidence”, or “spur of the moment”. He has thought through every detail, every factor. Nothing missed from Him.

Where we had our office had several medical offices and daily we would encounter those who were sick, with low immune systems, & elderly folks going in for long term treatments. So in that A.H.A moment I had, God told me “Pris, what you thought was a set back was actually me looking out for you today.” Please know I’m not saying staying there would have made me contract CODVID19, but He did limit my potential exposure and interaction. As well as anxiety about going to work, and thinking the what ifs everyday.

Also, I thought about my mother in law, who recently saw herself greatly affected due to everything that has been going on, and the loss of work due to the virus, yet today God showed me that the “loss” was actually a “gain”. If she would have left for her work, she may have been confined in the nationwide quarantine in Italy, far from her loved ones for days maybe weeks, with upset and worried clients. Probably having to cost her more, than what she could have made.

See what we think is a setback, a loss, in our life is actually God looking out for us. We probably won’t see it in the moment it is happening but later on He’ll reveal to you, like He did to me. Remember nothing that God allows to happen in our lives, hasn’t already been meticulously thought through by Him. Trust Him with your setbacks.

“Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths.” Proverbs 3: 5-6 ESV