A Wedding Journey

Ever since I was little I always dreamed of getting married one day. I loved the idea of finding that one person who you would spend the rest of your life with. Your partner in the good and the bad. In sickness and health. Someone with whom I would start a family with and buy a home ( white picked fence style). Yeah, I was a cheesy girl who dreamt of her Prince Charming and a wedding. I thought about my wedding day, how it would look like, where it would be, the colors and atmosphere. It's crazy how now it's all becoming more than a dream but my reality.

On October 26th, on a surprise dream trip to Rome, my boyfriend of two years got down on one knee, as I was recording the pretty landscape and proposed. Just my luck I caught it all on video. I was over the moon at that moment, I couldn't believe that in a matter of 24 hrs two of my biggest dreams had come true. 1. Visit Rome & 2. Getting Engaged to the love of my life!

Now, I am on this journey of planning a wedding. I dreamt about it but never really thought of all the parts that truly are involved in the process. Booking venues, caterers, cakes, flowers, etc. I've heard stories of how overwhelming and stressful it could be. I've heard friends say they look back and wish they would have done something different. Or even of some who got to the moment of walking down the aisle and thought "was this even worth it?" I would think to myself, "is it really that bad?"

Well... It can be overwhelming and stressful. Especially if you're in similar position as I am in where I am in a "tight" financial season, and so are my parents and seeing the cost of a wedding! In the last month and a half I have probably told Max (Fiancé)a couple of times when I've gotten overwhelmed with just cost of things "can we just elope?". Yet, deep down in my heart I want the special moment & if God is allowing it to come in a time where I don't know how its going to happen, I know He is the only one to make a way.

After I have my moment of feeling stressed and overwhelm, I remind myself of that. If God is allowing it, He has the way to make it happen. So my main prayer to Him in these next months on this journey of planning and getting married is "I want to do it all with grace, love and joy". I don't want to become a Bridezilla, even though my name is Priscilla. I don't want to dread this whole journey & get to the day of an think why? Neither do I want to look back 10, 20, 30 years from now and say "we should have taken the money and bought a house". I want to look back with Max and say "It was the greatest celebration of our love and unity."

So join me on the journey, as I try to figure this out with Max! I'm going to blog about my venue searching, dealing with opinions of everyone around, DIY and so much more! I'm not a wedding expert nor party planner. Actually Max & I agree we're amateurs at this but like Marie Forleo says "Everything is Figureoutable!" & so will this wedding!

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