About Me

Growing up I was always the talkative, inquisitive, tempered, yet loving one. I like to say I had a perfect mixture of both my parents. Since birth, I had the blessing to be raised in a faith-filled house, where God was the cornerstone. And through out the ups and downs of life, He has always been our rock.

Life hasn’t always been rainbows and butterflies. I was a very tough kid growing up. If I really think about it, I believe I am the cause for more then 1 gray hair on my parents’ head. I struggled with insecurities, jealousy, envy and lots of anger. But in 2011, my life would slowly start to change and with it the bad habits I had developed.

My hope in this website to help bring you light and let you know you’re not alone and we all go through things. I also hope that all the content on this site encourages you to grow in your faith, and develop your own personal relationship with God too. 


Everyday we are learning. Everyday we shed off something old and something new has a chance to be born. Let it be something beautiful. 

xoxo, Priscilla